Aesthetic Services

Thread lifting, Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid, Mesolift, Vampire Lifiting, Fat deposits and cellulite, Facial Masks

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Mesotherapy is a modern method of treatment that has been practiced for over 50 years with success.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Thread lifting with thread, Vacuum liposuction, Upper eyelid correction

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Dear ladies and gentlemen! Dear friends!

_MG_9317+copy-1I warmly welcome you to the website of my private clinic in Meerbusch-Büderich and tell the history of its opening.
In 2004 we opened in Wuppertal, together with my husband Vladimir Sinitsin, a health center for surgery and pediatric surgery. My husband was in charge of adult patients and I, as a specialist in pediatric surgery, for surgical and trauma surgery problems for children.
In 2006 I got interested in a new development district in aesthetic medicine and have decided to expand my horizons.
We have widen our range of services significantly and my focus has not only become pediatric surgery, but also aesthetic medicine and some plastic surgery. The increasing number of patients led to the need to separate the aesthetic direction from the other practice, and has led to find a new space and to open a second clinic.
The areas of aesthetic medicine that I’ve learned in the last few years, including as the modern non-surgical methods of skin rejuvenation – wrinkle fillers – Botox injections and mesotherapy with the micro injector Pistor-4, as well as minimally invasive methods such as thread-lifting, blepharoplasty and vacuum liposuction.
The many years of experience and “Jewellery work” in pediatric surgery helped me to quickly and easily learn new areas in the aesthetic surgery. My art work in skin rejuvenation gives me a lot of joy and the results achieved are breath taking.
The decision to open a new clinic in Meerbusch has many reasons. This cozy town is located near Dusseldorf and is easiliy reached by public transport. The Internation Dusseldorf airport is located only a few miles away.
I am looking forward to your visit!
Your Tatjana Sinitsina
Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine
Certifite APTOS Trainer, Diplom Mesotherapie,
Certificate Lead Fine Lift, Certifite PRP-Thеrapie Coach