IMG_0882Mesotherapy is a modern method of treatment that has been practiced in France for over 50 years with success. It provides a synthesis of the neural therapy, acupuncture and drug therapy. There are medications mixtures introduced in extremely low dosage as close to the site of disease, by means of multiple microinjections in the skin.
The treatment is fast and often lasting effect and has applied correctly to the patient almost no side effects.
After a thorough medical interview and examination, the indication is provided Mesotherapy in appropriate cases. The treatment is carried out using sterile materials and proven drugs on the basis of a local anesthetic mixtures.
IMG_0897Although the amount of the administered drug is very low, however, the efficacy potentiated by the combination of different drugs and through the targeted areas is extremely high. The resulting skin depot ensures a fast and sustained therapeutic effect, the treatment intervals are long accordingly and depend on the area as well as the pain resistance of the patient.
The most important therapeutic principle of mesotherapy is therefore:
Little – rarely – in the right place
The diseases in which the mesotherapy can bring relief or cure, are numerous and come from virtually all areas of medicine. Often there are problem cases, which otherwise cannot or only insufficiently be helped.

  • Arthrosis of all kinds (knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, spine), rheumatic diseases
    Chronic joint and spine disorders with and without nerve pain do excellent on mesotherapy. NSAIDs can also be used with sensitive stomachs without complications.
  • Headaches and migraines
    Good results of mesotherapy also in migraine, tension headache, facial neuralgia, vertigo or tinnitus.
  • Sports injuries and overuse injuries
    One of the main applications of mesotherapy: from housewife to elite athletes have tendinitis (eg tennis elbow, Achilles tendon tendinitis) sprained ankles, bruises and strains of the day. Mesotherapy makes fast fit again.
  • Immune deficiency and repeated infections
    The defense will be strengthened against airway infections, and also good sense combined with the annual flu vaccination in patients at risk. The treatment can already be made in children aged 2 years and does not constitute a burden. It provides effective protection against bacterial infections, eg Bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis. In chronic infections and immune deficiency, eg in cancer patients, the immune-stimulating effects should be used. Even with asthma and cystic fibrosis as an accompanying measure possible.
  • circulation and wound healing problems
    By improving the microcirculation in the tissue there are good results in arterial and venous circulatory disorders through to leg ulcers or decubitus. In poorly healing wounds or poor scarring (eg keloid, stretch marks).
  • Stress, exhaustion, insomnia
    In psychosomatic disorders like stress symptoms, anxiety, burnout syndrome, insomnia or mood disorders can be successfully used in support of talk therapy mesotherapy. There are interesting ideas in the field of psycho-immunology euros.
  • Cigarette smoking cessation
    Mesotherapy provides a coherent approach to tobacco cessation. Here, the micro-injections carried out in certain acupuncture points, which leads to an instantaneous aversion. French specialists have success rates of 65-70% at 2 years, often with only a single session.
  • presbyopia and presbycusis
    By using special substances can here an improvement be achieved, for ophthalmologists and in geriatrics a grateful indications.
  • Gynecology
    Again, there are extremely grateful applications for mesotherapy, whether in dysmenorrhea, Pelvipathia spastica, irritable bladder, recurrent infections or female infertility.
  • Dentistry
    Many French dentists put mesotherapy eg successfully in diseases of the gums or the gums.